Redepaz About Us 

The Education for Peace, Globalnet, is an initiative of citizens who assume their responsibilities for the planet, for the preservation of life, and for the development of knowledge.

In the year 2000 it organized its first International Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, dedicated to The Future of Our Children with the sponsorship of UNESCO and The University of Geneva. One hundred institutions from twenty two countries of four continents reported on their projects related to children and youth.

A stronger interaction was developed with the institutions involved with the organization of the Geneva Meeting. Some of these institutions are organized in a global scale and decided to implement the Education for Peace Globalnet program as a joint, cooperative, international and inter-institutional endeavor.

The aim of this program is to foster and nurture the globalnet as a world action and learning community.

The gateway is designed to provide a personalized area for each participating project, interactive spaces and devices to implement cooperation in a world scale.

International Meetings are organized each two years to:

  • strengthen the internal "learning dynamics" of the people involved with relevant projects on Education for Peace worldwide,
  • intensify the interaction among the projects, and
  • work on the process of "consensus formation" leading to actions committed to the development of a culture of peace and non-violence.
The gateway, interchange through internet, the meetings and cooperative action among the projects are the main tools to make effective the contribution of the globalnet.


Building a Planetary Culture