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Project: Energetic corporal and social harmonization in the school context
The present project was elaborated taking into account, one of the main cultural preocupations of a developing country such as Brazil: The educational quality as a basis for an organized and well developed society. Recent and well formulated theories have identified the psychomotor stimulation as a powerfull instrument for children efficient cognitive/intellectual development and cultural/social harmonization that includes the respect for the human values as a mean for a better sociability as originated from an internal organization. The perspective of an united relationship between body and brain is seen as a celestial composition for making possible the human conservation and evoluition within the discrepancies and conformations of the physical-chenmicals nature of our planet. We are adapted and prepared to react to biophisics, biochemistries, psychophisics and psychosocial phenomena ever occurring within the earth orbital envolucrum. All of them, representing energetic sources spreading upon our organism. How do can our body interact with such permanent sources? Can we harmonically use those energy? Are those used by us in our social relationship? Trying to answer to those questions and relating them to learning problems, the present project proposes a psychopedagogic intervention to be inserted in the school context by way of a Program methodologically based upon psychomotor practices (corporal activities directed to psychomotricity/stimulation of the functional psychomotor body structures), on the harmonization of the human values for the social relationship and on the corporal energy manipulation, it by means of systematized techniques of Pranic Healing (The Prana/energy use) formulated by the Master Choa Kok Sui (Institute for Inner Studies, Inc).
Name of the Project
Energetic corporal and social harmonization in the school context
Institution in charge of the project
UERJ - Universidade Estadual do Rio de Janeiro / Rio de Janeiro - Brasil
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Fabiana Albino e Cristina Lunardi

Rua Guernica n║100-APT.605 - Recreio dos Bandeirantes
Rio de Janeiro / Rio de Janeiro - 22.795-210

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