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Project: Youth Peace Education Program
Now-a-days the situation of social harmony and National integration in our country (Pakistan), after the horrific incidence of violence in USA and Washington, have exposed the world, specially our region to the danger of more violence or war like conditions. It is also becoming had to worse, as some powerful fundamentalists and sectarian groups are patronizing that instead of love and peace among the people. They are making divisions among Pakistanis’ sowing seeds of hatred and revenge. According to their thinking, if America attacks Talibans it will be considered as an attack against Islam. They call it “JAHAD” in which they will have to retaliate. Presently they are conducting Anti American and Pro-Talibans activities as top priority agenda continuously day and night. It seems that they will continue these activities for a very long period.

The Government of Pakistan and the progressive intellectualists, social activists and most of the political leaders have decide to support United States in their campaign to end the terrorism from the world. For this 27th September 2001 was observed as “SOLIDARITY DAY” through out the country with zeal and enthusiasm. On this day seminars, rallies, long march etc. Were held by the progressive leaders, civil administration., scholars and churches, in which they pledged their determination to remain united as a nation and support Government in the national interest. In addition the Nation is out-rightly opposing the act of terrorism to save our motherland from every possible risk.

Church and minorities also have taken strong stand ot endorse Government decision concerning the abolition of terrorism. Catholic Church has formed a committee to promote social harmony among people (Christian,Muslim) at grass root level. All church institutions and commissions have been asked to work together and make a constructive drive of social harmony and solidarity in their respective areas. Our Leaders have said clearly that we should be careful of the rumors, should always double-check the information and avoid misunderstandings and loose talk. The fanatic and illiterate groups are always ready to retaliate, if Americans and Europeans make any policy, which they do not accept. Even now Christians are afraid that they may not become victims of the present situation.

To overcome this situation, the Social Harmony Committee, aims to resolve this tension by creating brotherhood and harmony between Christian & Muslims through certain activities at their areas, to avoid violence. Human Care ( Youth Section) being responsible for providing training and education to young people is also involved in making all possible efforts and initiatives to promote peace. For this purpose this organization has joined hands with various committees, which are working for Christian Muslim Itehad and Social Harmony.

Recently, Human Care arranged a meeting with Muslim & Christian leaders, Regional Youth Committee members and Vow groups to discuss the current situation and on assessment of specific role and contribution of Human , in the prevailing situation being a part of Social Harmony Committee. All agreed that the young people, both Muslims and Christians, are the persons who emotionally involve in strikes, agitations, loose discussion and such like other activities, which disturb peace in country
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Youth Peace Education Program
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Youth Section of Human Care
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Bashir Siraj

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