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Project: The Bahá´í decision making process contribution to Brazilian NGO´s
This briefing presents the effectiveness of "consultation" as a decision making process within elected organizations of the world Bahá´í community and its role, not only as a methodology but mainly as a spirit and "attitude" issue , when promoting local grass root movements.

Generaly speaking, one of the main contributions of the Bahá´í Faith to social movements, has been through the participation of individual members in hundreds of non governmental organizations throughout the world. The specific source of our contribution to the Connectivity & Synchronicity Conference at Findhorn, is the recent development of such scenarios, within the Brazilian experience.

The speaker is the founder of Transparencia Brasil, the Brazilian Chapter of Transparency International (Berlin) and one of the coordinators of PNBE- Pensamento Nacional das Bases Empresariais, a think-tank group that has been known since the late 80´s, to have begun a national debate of citizenship issues within the Brazilian business community (PNBE has also been influential in important "spin-offs", renowned organizations such as the ETHOS institute, The Abrinq Foundation and ISPCV). The experience of the application of Bahá´í principles within the board of some of these institutions has been very rich.

Recently, our community has helped founding the CONPAZ, CONSELHO PARLAMENTAR DA CULTURA de PAZ the first Legislative Body exclusively dedicated to the promotion of a Peace Culture. A significant "slice" of the Brazilian Peace movements is formaly gathered in this single board. The Bahá´í community is part in this challenging environment of decision making exercise, within the diversity of a board of 48 members! (36 religious and social NGO's and 12 House Representatives of the State Legislative body).

This is the practical content with which we would like to contribute to the other international experiences present at Findhorn.

Neissan Monadjem
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The Bahá´í decision making process contribution to Brazilian NGO´s
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