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Project: Youth Community Development/Grass Root Politics
Mobilisation of youth and creating political awareness.they became pracice by inolving the youth and listen to their yearnings and making them play active role. The strategies involved are coming down to the level of the youth, responding to some of their needs,enlightenment/educative meetings. The results are: the youth take active role in community development e.g helping in road repair, maintain law and order, acquisition of further knowledge e.g. in higher institution, reduction in youth thurggery and violence activities.being creative. e.t.c
Name of the Project
Youth Community Development/Grass Root Politics
Institution in charge of the project
Ajangbadi Youth Club
Contact Person
Abdullahi Gazali

2 Bale street,Ajangbadi-Afromedia,Lagos or c/o O.D Shodipo federal science equipment centre P.M.B. 081 Festac Town,Lagos -
Ajangbadi-Afromedia / Lagos - 234

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