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This project in planned in the context of the Children’s Education, especially the girls education (a veritable problem in our rural communities) and the professional engagement of youths ; in according to the objectives of the Froncophonie, the UNESCO etc. which, both aim at improving the education and living standard of youths and children.
The Prjoject “STOP IGNORANCE” will cover a periode of 11 months. It will be developed in 3 villages (Kologo – Gagnon, Yohonou and Gbavé) in the Estern Sub-region of Vo Province in TOGO.

The main points of the Project :
Ř Sensibilisationof the local authorities (villages chiefs and schools Directors).
Ř Sensibilisation of Parents.
Ř Meetings with students (children and youths).
Ř Organisation of cultural and sport activities.
Ř Establisment of the administration’s leaders team.
Ř Support to the students (books, exercice books, pens, pencils, school bag, school uniform and subvention on scholarship of 225 students).
Ř Dispensing of unpaid private coaching session, for the student for Primary to College.
Ř Technical fellowship.

3. Objectives and Motors
3.1. Objectives.

- Make the children & youths sensitives to the well funded of the school education.
- Encourage the students to continue their study (morally, financially and materially).
- Help the students who have the desire to continue the school, but have been stopped by the lack of means.
- Make parents sensitives to the outcoming of the project, so that they can join their hands with us in this battle against “Ignorance”, through holding their personal responsibility regarding the education of the children.
- Help the teachers to raise their vision above the economic crisis in the country ; so that, they can be involved in the education of the children and youths.
- Make a call to the consciousness of youths for the own holding of reponsability personally and locally.

This project will be developed in the school context and will be hold by the local human resources.

3.2. How will the project reach the stated objectives ?

Through :
- The changment of philosophy of the population regarding the school education in general, and the girls education in Particular.
- The consciousness of parents, teachers and the students themselves.
- The fact that the students realize that they are no more alone forsaken to their destiny, will be a source of confort and motivation for their educational development.
- The Social support given through this project will create and develop a weather of psychological peace, and increase the intellectual level of the students.

The population will then take conscious of their potentials, so they can work on it.

4. Expertise and Results.
4.1. How is the project Exceptional ?

The project “STOP IGNORANCE” is exceptional according to his Strategies, Objectives and Results.
In Togo since the political crisis, which become finally economic, the educational level is day after day going lowest.
All the people are talking about this. But none of them can stakeholde. Above all, the population knows that once the will be engaged in this area, there will be nobody to support them, even the government. We all know that because of the economic crisis, the togolese public authority can’t give the necessary support.
Those who can try to engage themselves, after starting wait for help from other country to continue their activites.

But “Anges Messagers”said to himself that it’s time to show that we solve our own problem. We don’t have to wait for any body to come and do it on our behalf. We are best placed to wash our room. It’s time for the youths to realize that we have a great responsibility regarding our community. We have to be autosuffissiant. The number of student the project cover determine his specificness.
“Anges Messagers” and this rural communities are gethering as one under the same banner “STOP IGNORANCE”.


- We will consecrate 60% of our financial and material assistance to the girls education. Through this after 6 months of execution of the project, the number of girls in the school will increase of 20%.
- Through our campaigns of informations : explaining to the people their potentials, distribution of books, organizing students sightseeing trip, etc. After 8 months of execution of the project, 75% of the Children and Youths of the cibled population will be conscious and hold their own destiny without waiting for the external help.
- The project will assist 30 youths to apprentiship. These youths will become the Youths Professionnal in their community. This assistance will be for the youths who have stopped school and have nothing to do, so they are jobless with his consequences (Prostitution, Juvenile delequency, drog, ect.). It will be a source of encouragement for the other youths in these communities, to take the road to work. In doing all these things, we can find that after 9 months of execution of the project, the number of youths leaving the villages to the tawn every day will reduce of 50%.
- The parents will no more hesitate to make all the possible sacrifices to have their children well educated.

Above all these results, we will see that in these communities, there will be a wide opening of people to the external world and the new technologies : Radion, Television, Telephones, Computer and Internet etc.

4.3. Number of person cover by the project.

The Total of Beneficiaries : 255 persons

225 Students : girls and boys.

Girls : 135
Boys : 90

30 Youths to Apprentiship.
Girls : 15
Boys : 15
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ANGES MESSAGERS "A.MES." (Angels Messengers)
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VIGLO Komlan K. Paul

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