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Project: The Liberian Refugee Youth Peace Programme
For more than 14 years (1989 - 2004) the Liberian population has been experiencing civil wars. As a result of this, more than 250,000 individuals lost their lives and the entire social, economic and political structures of the country were almost destroyed. The war had degenerated the entire country into ethnic, religious, traditional and cultural as well as other divisions, making it insecure for more Liberian people to peacefully live in the country. The war has also caused a large part of the population, mainly the young ones, to be oriented into ethnic animosity, rebel activities and violence.

About half of the country’s population fled to nearby stable countries, such as Guinea, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Ghana, for refuge. More than 42,000 of these people are currently living as refugees in the Buduburam Refugee Settlement in Ghana.

Today, many of these refugees are carrying with them negative social and psychological effects they inherited from the war, such as suspicion, misunderstanding, hatred, divisions, desire for revenge and fear. The urgent need to promote dialogue, mutual understanding and reconciliation among the Liberian (Refugee) Population led to the formulation of the Refugee Youth Peace Program, an integrated set of Projects aimed at achieving lasting dialogue, reconciliation, rehabilitation, conflict resolution and peace-building strategies among the Liberian Population.

The Refugee Youth Peace Program is seeking to first tackle peace issues at the families and neighborhood level through the Buduburam Conflict Resolution Project; gather social and psychological quality indicators that will ensure a better understanding of the main causes of these conflicts and wars so as to be able, then, to properly and effectively promote the appropriate conflict resolution, reconciliation, peace-building and rehabilitation strategies among the Liberian Population.
Name of the Project
The Liberian Refugee Youth Peace Programme
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Emmanuel G.V Dolo

Box 46, State House -
Accra / - 23321

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Fred Domingo Barlue
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