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Project: Healing Biotope 1-Tamera
Tamera is a peace project in Alentejo, southern Portugal, with a project site that comprises 331 acres, 30 km inland from the atlantic coast.
The project sees itself as a training base for the establishment of a global power for peace.
The project`s research work deals with new ways of healing both humans and nature. The aim is to develop a cultural model for a non –violent lifestyle: a”Healing Biotope”.
Approximately 70adults and 15 children currently live in Tamera. There are no religious or ideological obligations, but there is a common direction that shapes the spiritual character of Tamera. This includes the desire to build things up and the desire to think in new ways. On an interpersonal level this common direction entails “loving the neighbour”, the dismantling of leadership cultures through asssuming responsibility for oneself, honesty oin relationships, truth in love, and transparency in community.

At the moment we are facing, a new and challenging decision. From spring 2006 on we want to start a three year experiment with 200 people in which we completely concentrate on our current research questions. The preliminary name for the experiment is :”Monte Cerro”. More information is also available on our homepage .
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Healing Biotope 1-Tamera
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Katja Long

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