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Project: Orphange africa well womans centres
Located in Frafraha, near Accra, OA opened its first Well WomenÕs Centre (WWC) in January 2004 and hopes to open four more by 2005. The centres have been developed with the hope of promoting healthier women and pregnancies, thus decreasing the number of abandoned or orphaned children. By focusing on womenÕs issues, OA hopes to help strengthen families and the local communities as a whole.

Antenatal health, HIV prevention and education are a major focus of the centre, but the goal is to serve as many women as possible, including adolescents through to menopausal women. The centre provides women with information, education, support and natural methods for maintaining good health.

We do not believe that a woman with limited finances should receive limited care, therefore our services are provided in exchange for donations of time, money or goods. We would appreciate the support from donors to help us provide healthcare for women who are unable to afford it. Volunteerism from the local community is strongly encouraged, as we believe it empowers the individual while strengthening the community.

The WWCÕs activities include Prenatal Programmes, Support Groups and Community Education.
Prenatal Programmes

Prenatal care is essential for the well being of the mother and baby. Many complications can be prevented through diet alone. Having the knowledge to avoid and recognise danger signs, if they should arise, can save lives. We also believe that a woman needs support throughout her pregnancy and at birth. When a woman feels loved, supported and safe during labor, she feels more able to relax and allow her body to do the work. When the partner is giving the support, it can bring them closer together as a family.

We offer a variety of classes for pregnant women and their partners, as well as one-on-one care. If a woman is without a partner, or the partner feels unsure in his ability to support, we will find her a support person for the actual birth. We will offer emotional, mental, physical and informational support to help the mother or couple have a safe and satisfying birth as they define it.

Support Groups

Support groups are designed for those with similar issues to come together to gain strength, share ideas and to find solutions. It helps the person to know that they are not alone. It can help to create a sense of usefulness when they see that they can help someone else in a similar situation. The groups will be guided by a staff member or a knowledgeable volunteer, but are dependent on the involvement of the individuals. New ones will be made available on a need basis and suggestions are always welcomed.

Some of the groups that we plan to facilitate are:
· Surviving the loss of a child
· Surviving the loss of a spouse
· Single parenting
· Parenting / breastfeeding
· Menopause
· Surviving rape
· Living with HIV
· Abuse
· Teens (changes and pressures)
· Domestic Violence

Community Education

Because women are the main caregivers in the home, they are also the first educators. As the African educator Dr. Kweggir Aggrey once said, "Educate a man, and you educate an individual. Educate a woman, and you educate a nation." Whenever possible, classes will be offered in Ga, Twi, or Ewe as well as English.

Some of the classes that we plan to offer are:
· English language and literacy
· Antenatal care and nutrition
· Childbirth preparation for women
· Childbirth preparation for couples
· Baby care
· Family planning
· Stretching / relaxation
· Nutrition
· Common diseases
· Hygiene

For more information or if you would like to collaborate please contact Teri Clifton at:
Local Ghana: 024 81 67 97
International: (+233) 24 81 67 97
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Orphange africa well womans centres
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