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Project: Education for life
In spite of so many projects and studies concerning this issue and all the intellectual production from universities throughout the world, violence, corruption and social inequality has been increasing without solutions in view.
Sathya Sai Baba observed this worldwide phenomenon and noticed that education, based almost exclusively on intellectual development through the theoretical transmission of book contents was the cause. Mind to mind education instead of heart to heart education.
Therefore He developed the pedagogy that teaches not only how to acquire knowledge for a living but, most important, that also teaches how to acquire peace, physical and mental health. In other words, how to be happy, with universal love as the source of human action.
This educational methodology seeks the building of character through the unity of thought, word and deed. It is based on the practice of five human values: Love, Truth, Peace, Righteousness, and Non-violence through specific teaching techniques.
Education in Human Values is being put in to practice in many countries, and in Brazil this is taking place in schools, governments, companies, hospitals, non-government organizations, youth correctional institutions, etc. They are finding the solution for problems and conflicts through the practice of human values, by simply teaching to love nature, thy neighbor and thyself.
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Education for life
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Institute of Sathya Sai Education
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Goncalo Vicente de Medeiros

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Goncalo Vicente de Medeiros
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