Building A Planetary Culture
Peace And Global Citizenship

Project: Communication for a culture of peace
In the contemporary globalized culture, Social Communication is a field where different knowledges, sense productions and symbolic representations meet, frequently generating intolerances which lead to cultural homogenization. The role of the media (which occupies the public space and qualifies the common sense) produces social and cultural necessities that impose strong ethic challenges to communication professionals. Our project proposes the construction of a pedagogical approach and academic curriculum aiming the integrating formation of conscientious communication professionals compromised with: (i) the experimentation of alternative solutions in the field, using journalistic communication processes as tools for the foment of a culture of peace; (ii) the instrumentalization of Social Communication as a mean for the construction of a minimum conscensus in pluricultural and multiethnic societies. This new curriculum is being constructed through the integration between the transdisciplinary perspective on the communication field and the necessary technical formation for the development of specific journalistic abilities. Our strategy is based on the four pillars defined by the report to UNESCO of the International Commission on Education for the 21st century (UNESCO, 1996): learn to know, to make, to live together and to be. The expected result is the formation of communication professionals prepared to promote the preservation of cultural diversity through tolerance and the respect of differences.
Name of the Project
Communication for a culture of peace
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Universidade Federal de Višosa
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Ana Carolina Beer Figueira Simas

Departamento de Artes e Humanidades - Avenida PH Rolfs, s/n - Campus UFV -
Višosa / Minas Gerais - 36570-000

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Ana Carolina Beer Figueira Simas
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