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Project: CIRCLE OF PEOPLES, dancing Peace
Since 2002 the "Brazilian Sacred Dance Meeting" has been happening in Sao paulo, southeast of Brazil, around May and June. From 150 to 180 people come together for 5 days, joining hands to dance the Dances of the Peoples from all over the planet, celebrating Diversity, Unity and Peace.
Three meetings have already happende, focused on the themes "A Path for Perceiving Unity", "in the Rhythm of Life" and "Roots and Fruits". For the 2005 Meeting the organizers wish to spand, inviting their sisters and brothers from the other South America countries.
The Brazilians have warmly received and deepened their experience with Sacred Circle Dance. Gathered by Bernhard Wosien with the aim of joining individuals in Joy and Peace and making them aware of an inner work both towards oneself and the other, Sacred Circle Dance are experienced not only in regular classes and workshops all over the country but expanded into society. Small and big groups happen in squares, parks, schools, hospitals and businesses, asserting their potential to harmonize in different levels of perception and reality.
Organizing Commitee:
*Renata Ramos - from TRIOM Publishing House and Book Store
*Sonia Lima - from OISCA Brazil
*Andrea Leoncini - from AWAKE Cultural Events
Name of the Project
CIRCLE OF PEOPLES, dancing Peace
Institution in charge of the project
TRIOM Publishing House and Book Store
Contact Person
Renata Ramos

Rua Araçari 218 -
São Paulo / São Paulo - 01453-020

55 11 31688380
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