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Project: Asamblea de jovenes Mensajeros de Paz- “Senators for a day"
It is an annual meeting of Latin-American youths sensitive to and related and interested in social, cultural, educational, political and environmental issues who would like to construct a brotherly, human and just society. Based in the 8 Aims of the Millennium Development, after training and taking into account the following values: peace, love, happiness, honesty, solidarity, cooperation, participation, equity, diversity, pluralism, democracy, promotion of the human rights, protection of the environment and the substantive development. The youths “Senators for a day”, exchange their knowledge, ideas and projects, and elaborate substantive purposes together which will be formed in a document or manifest agreed by consensus and sanctioned in the H. Senate of the Argentine Nation.
Name of the Project
Asamblea de jovenes Mensajeros de Paz- “Senators for a day"
Institution in charge of the project
Mil Milenios de Paz
Contact Person
Ines Palomeque

Emilio Mitre 284 -
Martinez / Buenos Aires - B1640ENF

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Carlos Alberto Emediato
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Rua Lisboa, 328 - São Paulo/SP - Zip code: 05413-000 - BRAZIL
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