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Project: Adolescent Network - Interactions for Life(Rede Adolescente - Inter-Aš§es pela Vida)
The Adolescent Network of Mogi Guašu articulates partners aiming for the improving of the quality of life of the adolescent, among the Health, Educational and Cultural Municipal Bureaus, Social Promotion, SENAI, SESI, Parents School of Mogi Guašu, Protection Council, Public State Schools, Municipal Schools, Church Groups of Youths, Scouts, etc. throughout the projects :
-Formation of Adolescents Health Promoters: monthly meetings with pre-adolescents and adolescents, who will be multipliers in the school they study. Students from ten public state schools participate in: four EMEFs, SENAI e SESI, and Infantile Work Abolition Program.
-Body Juggling Act Project
Space for adolescents with information, reflections, debate about attitudes, taboos, beliefs and principles concerning sexuality focusing the biological body and its cultural, emotional and social dimensions.
-Leading Adolescent Project
Adolescents from various schools are prepared for multiplying health educational actions at schools, enterprises, cultural events and campaigns.
- Glad Smile Project / Adopt an Adolescent
Sponsored by various entities of courses for guiding adolescents for the job market (30% of the available jobs for the Adolescent Network).
- Actions of Brother ship and Solidarity
Motivation to the adolescent for the unpaid help.
Name of the Project
Adolescent Network - Interactions for Life(Rede Adolescente - Inter-Aš§es pela Vida)
Institution in charge of the project
Prefeitura Municipal de Mogi Guašu - Secretaria Municipal Sa˙de - Mogi Guašu.
Contact Person
Maria Eugenia Franco de Faria Guarnieri

Secretaria Municipal de Sa˙de - Rua Paula Bueno, 233 - Centro -
Mogi Guašu / SP - 13840-000

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Maria Eugenia Franco de Faria Guarnieri
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