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Project: Constructing Equilibrium and Well-Being in the Family and Working with volunteers
The work developed by SORRI BRASIL, untill 1997, with disabled persons families has shown that great part of them presented constant complains of tiredness, overcharge of tasks, impotence, solitude, stress.

It was found that one of the most important factors on the determination of the low life quality, in families who start living with the disability in its structure, lies in the fact of the family members, especially the mothers, having to suddenly change all their family and working dynamic, in function of the disability appearance.

Managing the loss process of the idealized child, having to assume a great set of new routine and compulsory tasks, imposed by necessities not coming from the free choice of the family are factors that cause stress, reaching each individual and the familiar group as a whole. One of the main reasons for the installation of the familiar stress is the necessity that is created, of maintaining constant and concentrated attention, for a long period of time, in an only stimulus, on this case, the disabled person.

In view of the aforesaid content, it was elaborated this project, which has as general purpose supporting families with disabled members, releasing them from the responsibility of caring for those who are disabled, for a monthly period, favoring the mental health and the life quality of the family.
Name of the Project
Constructing Equilibrium and Well-Being in the Family and Working with volunteers
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Carmen Leite Ribeiro Bueno

Rua Benito Juarez, 70 - Vila Mariana
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55-11- 50823502
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Carmen Leite Ribeiro Bueno
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