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Project: Counseling and Support Project for Families
This project aims developing a model of work with parents and siblings of disabled children and adolescents, sensitizing and qualifying the public and private net professionals on the health, education and social promotion areas, contributing for improving the life quality of these families.

With a pioneer philosophy in the country, it aimed to contribute for family's quality of life improvement through the movement for transferring the management of disability matter by the disabled children family and no more by the institution.

This one, had as purposes: contributing for establishing more healthful familiar rapports, fomenting the support among parents, on the care with disabled children, fomenting the exchange of experiences on familiar and extra-familiar life, contributing for the rupture of the social loneliness of these families, giving enlightenment about the necessities of serving disabled children, discussing about the possibilities of referral for obtaining assistance and giving enlightenment to parents about their rights and their disabled children rights.

The better way to exemplify the highly positive results of this project is through testimony from a father involved on this process: “This group was very important for me. I learned a lot of things I didn’t know and, presently, I’m passing them to other persons, my family, thanks God. And I hope it doesn’t end like this, I hope to have strength to go on”.
Name of the Project
Counseling and Support Project for Families
Institution in charge of the project
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Carmen Leite Ribeiro Bueno

Rua Benito Juarez, 70 -
São Paulo / SP - 01544-001

(11) 5082-3502
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Carmen Leite Ribeiro Bueno
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