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Project: Insertion Project of Disabled Children in Day Care Centers
Since 1997, SORRI-BRASIL, in partnership with Social Work Secretariat of São Paulo Mayor Hall, through the Program of Support to Disabled Person – PRODEF, and under the auspices of UNICEF, develops a Project that aims serving disabled children on the 725 day care centers that are direct, indirect and associated with this Secretariat.

Having as general objective “promoting the integration of disabled children in day care centers” it proposed to develop, on three day care centers in Santos and six day care centers in São Paulo, activities of Diagnosis Survey and Mapping, Sensitization of employees, parents and family members of the user children, employees Qualification and Continued supervision of integrating actions, in each equipment.

In order to meet its purposes, it has qualified around 150 multipliers, who work in 17 Regional Supervisions that, on their turn, take the acquired information to the directors, coordinators and employees of day care centers.

Up to present moment 52% of the day care centers are already providing services to children with the most varied kinds of disability.

Children are learning to be sympathetic, to deal with differences, to ask and to offer help. The families are benefited because their children are attending facilities near their homes, and those mothers who would like to work to augment the familiar income are having the opportunity of doing it.
Name of the Project
Insertion Project of Disabled Children in Day Care Centers
Institution in charge of the project
Contact Person
Carmen Leite Ribeiro Bueno

Rua Benito Juarez, 70 -
São Paulo / SP - 01544-001

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Carmen Leite Ribeiro Bueno
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