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Project: Kids as Peacemakers
The project encourages the use of peer mediation in Brazilian schools to reduce hostility and aggression. The implementartion of such programs as an effective method for creating positive- atmosphere schools where all students can develop prosocial behavior, improving the quality of teacher-student interaction by reducing teacher-imposed solutions in student conflict situations is well known all over the world.
Peer mediation is a form of conflict resolution in which trained student leaders help their peers work together to resolve everyday disputes. Participation in peer mediation is voluntary, and with the exception of information that is illegal or life-threatening, all matters discussed in mediation sessions remain confidential. Student mediators do not make judgments or offer advice, and they have no power to force decisions upon their peers. Because mediation is sensitive to the underlying causes of conflict, the vast majority of peer mediation sessions (85%) result in lasting resolutions.

Name of the Project
Kids as Peacemakers
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ADR-BR Cursos
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Corinna Schabbel

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SAO PAULO / SP - 05010-000

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Corinna Schabbel
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