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Project: Tá-que-eu-era
Girls have always played with dolls to exercise the projection of the women of their time. Having fulfilled the dream of independence and expression of sexuality of the girl who wanted to be more than the woman-mum of the doll-daughter of that time, the new millenium girl goes further: she wants to dress her self. Thus, her doll is full of accessories-possibilities that she can hide or show, in a game open for experimentation.
Project principles:
To provide new space for people to learn by being. (Within ourselves there is a learning school to be recognized and shared.) To generate an active production of meanings. To facilitate the understanding process of values. To value freedom and the responsibility for being. To show that we can add or subtract labels. To take to conscious choices.
How become practice:
By unfolding the concept of this new doll into drama exercises, music, theater, games, TV spots, books, cards and other educational toys that excite the imagination, common experience-sharing, understanding of limits and differences, the possibility of changes, acquisition of values, expression of potential and above all, conscious choice.
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Rose Ferraz

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Rose Ferraz
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