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Project: Brazilian Friends of PEACE NOW - Amigos Brasileiros do PAZ AGORA
Ten months after the beginning of the Al-Aqsa Intifada, an historical statement was signed by political leaders and public celebrities of two peoples: the Israeli-Palestinian Joint Declaration for Peace, which led to the development ot the Israeli-Palestinian Peace Coalition.

A group of Brazilians, shocked by that insane circle of violence and hatred, has recognized the importance and the enlightenment of that Declaration and adopted it for actions focused on spreading the consciousness that peace in the Middle East is not only urgent but also perfectly possible. But only can be achieved through dialogue.

We have disseminated the Declaration and more than one thousand political, academic and cultural proheminent figures within the Brazilian society came on supporting us. Meanwhile, we’ve strengthened our ties with many other similar groups around the world.

We’ve promoted and participated in encounters, lectures and public debates.

Our Internet list of information on Portuguese about Peace-Groups and Education for Peace activities - the PAZ AGORA/BR List [ ] , is read today by more than 2,000 opinion makers throughout Brazil and Latin America. Our peace messages have been also translated to other languages, especially Spanish, French and English.

On disseminating a culture of dialogue based on a vocabulary with no prejudices, we hope to contribute for a new world based on the human solidarity, where each individual will have his own values fully respected, living together and harmoniously, with the other.
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Brazilian Friends of PEACE NOW - Amigos Brasileiros do PAZ AGORA
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Brazilian Friends of PEACE NOW (Amigos Brasileiros do PAZ AGORA)
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Moises Storch

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Moises Storch
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