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Project: Human Plenitude Program
The Human Penitude Program has been active since 1996, and was taken by some 7,000 professionals, mostly educators, in Brazil, Uruguay, the United States, Portugal and 7 republics of Central Asia. The program is based on the principle of unity between Science and Religion, and on the collective construction of knowledge through dialog. It consists of 9 modules, which study: 1)Human Nature, 2)Intrapersonal Intelligence, 3) Emotional Intelligence, 4) Interpersonal Intelligence, 5)Development of Reasoning, 6)Solution Suffering and Problems, 7) Worldvision, 8) Unity in Diversity (Natural Paradigms), 9) Unity in Diversity (Intersubjective Paradigms). All the modules are composed of a collection of texts from Science, in a trasdisciplinary approach, and from the Holy Texts of 7 world religions. Both the accademic and the holy texts deal on the subject being studied in each module. The participants read together the texts, taking turns of one person per paragraph, with so many pauses for consultation upon the subject as desired. A facilitator helps the group move along the texts, but in no moment assumes the attitude of a "teacher-giver". The impact upon the participants is nothing short than marvelous in at least two aspects. First, when the participants experience a "hands-on" contact with the sublimity of the verities entreasured in other faiths's Holy Writings (a first-time-in life experience for the absolute majority of the participants), they tend to serenely bow their spirits down in candid and genuine reverence and respect for what until then had just been a vague alien subject. Second, as the participants perceive the interconectedness, simmilarity and complementarity between the scientific and the sacred texts, a vision of the unity of life and of Science and Religion as two different but complementary systems of knowledge tends to emerge. The result, besides the unity that is weld among the participants as a community of knowledge, is a new awareness of the wholeness and sacredness of life, and an existential transformation in terms of a more dialogical relationship with other realities, other cultures, other people and other beliefs. Prejudices tend to vanish in most of the heards and minds that get involved in the study, and lifelong refraiming of values and references is not uncommon. The participants tend to develop a new way of looking to things, abandoning manicheistic approaches for a more plural and integrated one. Many say that for the first time in life they have been ablo to appreciate fully how marvelous, complex, rich and generous life is. A natural commitment to goodness and acceptance and peace is a clear result of the program in the majority of the participants.
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Human Plenitude Program
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Anima Mundi - Instituto de Desenvolvimento Humano e Social
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Luis Henrique Beust

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Luis Henrique Beust
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