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Project: To Educate is to Teach How to Live; Path to Maturity
The two complementary programs, "To Educate is to Teach How to Live" and "Path to Maturity" convey to parents and educators crucial knowledge in the prevention of conflicts and pacific resolution of conflicts with children. Active since 1997, both programs have been attended by more than 10.000 parents and educators all over Brazil. The focus is on the comunication of love between adults and children, traning grownups in the art of understandig and rapporting to the needs of children from birth to the end of adolescence. Profound practical knowledge in child psychology, communication and conflic resolution are part of the 8 modules that comprise each program. Results are seen immediately after the first module is taken, and parents and teachers get excited with the impact of their newly acquired conscience and capacities in promoting peaceful cohexistence at home and at school. As a result, domestic and class violence, either verbal or physical, tend to dissapear, and relations are reconstructed in a new pattern of understanding and active and careful love.
Name of the Project
To Educate is to Teach How to Live; Path to Maturity
Institution in charge of the project
Anima Mundi - Instituto de Desenvolvimento Social e Humano
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Luis Henrique Beust

Rua São Miguel 47 -
São Paulo / SP - 01308-040

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Luis Henrique Beust
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