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Project: Pedagogic Woodworking
Manual activities are essential in the lifelong learning. They interconnect the thinking, the feeling and the willing - the three elements that balance the human development.
The use of the hands helps clear the mind and promote the well-being.
Woodworking stimulates the intellect through problem solving, develops the child's awareness and materializes his criativity.

I teach woodworking classes in the Friburgo School in Sao Paulo to children ages 7 to 12. Each class meets twice a week for fifty minutes. I also teach small groups at my shop once a week.

The importance of the pedagogic role of the educator takes him in search of self-growth. He is the tool of the child's growth and therefore he must balance the three elements of the human development. The children who begam the woodworking activities have developed the ability to work in groups, have participated with their ideas and suggestions and have learned to listen and respect opinions. I have noticed a growing interest of the children for things of Nature associated with the woodworking material.

I believe that woodworking is a great tool for Education for Peace.
Name of the Project
Pedagogic Woodworking
Institution in charge of the project
Colegio Friburgo
Contact Person
Alice Behring

Rua Manduba, 241 -
Sao Paulo / SP - 04747-170

011-5687 5495
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Alice Behring
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