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Project: Sentimental living for community services
Mathura Human Society of Culture Studies and Meditation was officially founded by Ms. Kasemsook Bhamornsatit since 1987. From the realization of the philosophy that “live is born with responsible work to be done successfully” and “children originate joyfulness, brightness, power, and initiation that can pass along the way of life from generation to generation”.
How they become practice
The relationship of community services has been developed from friends to family relationship to social relationship and to Mathura Human Society with 30 families membership at Bangkok and 20 families at Pattaya City, and approximately 20,000 rotated Thai and foreign attendants, and Ms. Kasemsook was appointed to be the Specialist of Academic Education Group, and Consultant of Moral Education Development in Schools, Pattaya City.
The work and activities has been interested and considered as a real practical work with evidence, and Ms. Kasemsook or as well-known as Aunty Sai, President of the Society had occasions to warm welcome Queen Nana Apeadu of Ghana, Gangchen Lama, and Dr.Kenneth W. Hood during her teaching in the Inner Peace Pioneer Program, during her works at schools in Pattaya City, and with happiness at her own home.
Main Activities and Strategies
The main strategies has been focused on community services for family relationship development, social relationship development, and social development by main activities on:
Teachers Training in sentimental living aims to develop their lives and living status, and to relay happiness in their classes and schools.
Children Training in Happiness Camp aims for happiness in children, hygienic, and sentimental living, creating child center, and moral development in schools of Pattaya City, including children from Hill Tribes, Abandon Children Home, and selective students from schools in Eastern part of Thailand joined together at Jantaburi Province on “Excellent Student Development Project”.
Parent Training beginning for parents of children who attends happiness camps before the camps begin.
Hospital staffs training for nurses, and public health staffs in Chonburi province for getting to know the sentimental mind, and happy way of life, and how to relay comfort and happiness to community.
Body and Mind Solution for teachers and children of Pattaya City on Tuesday morning before classroom time, 2,000 children of Pattaya School are training in advance right now.
Development Result
Some children confess that they stop addicted, reduce aggressiveness and quarrel with friends, and reduce argument with parents because they feels sunlight appeared at the center of their bodies during the happiness camp. Teachers reported classroom development, students behaviour, and changing aspects of teaching and treating their students with more love, gentleness and understanding.

Human life development, happiness, hygienic and sentimental living are continuously originating and relaying, and spreading over Pattaya City which creates community development from friends to family, from teachers, and parents to children, and from different social living of teenagers and youth from Mathura families in Bangkok to Pattaya City's families, and Eastern provinces of Thailand which is a milestone to world peace and social and moral development.

Name of the Project
Sentimental living for community services
Institution in charge of the project
Mathura House of Culture Studies & Meditation under patronage of Ms. Kasemsook Bhamornsatit
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Suchada Pongpan

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Vichuda Sthalanand
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