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Project: Transforming Guilt and helpleness into responsability and action
In human relations, a caring gesture or kind word can channel the flow of possibilities towards practical action.
The community of Jatobá Valley, BH, Brazil, led by a group of women, built the crèche “Granny’s House”, a shelter for local children while their mums were at work.
The difference here is that the “cement” used in this construction was the guilt and helplessness that the grandmothers felt on seeing their grandchildren, biological or not, abandoned. These feelings made them think about communal action to make up for the lack of material, emotional and spiritual needs of local children.
With the help of their older grandchildren and the coordination by a trainee student of psychology these grandmothers mobilised the community to find resources. So, for the past 23 years, besides taking care of two generations, “Granny’s House” has had its offsprings as a model crèche, showing that it is possible to transform the pain that lies deep inside into action. These ladies have managed to revive the happiness of motherhood, something they themselves could not enjoy as working mothers in the past.

Name of the Project
Transforming Guilt and helpleness into responsability and action
Institution in charge of the project
Creche Comunitária Casinha da Vovó
Contact Person
Israel Antonio dos Santos Filho

Rua Cesar Darcoso Filho, 104 - Vale do Jatobá -
Belo Horizonte / MG - 30664-560

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Luiza Lage
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