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Project: Open Door
Extending the partnership of the Associação Palas Athena with the São Paulo City Health Department,and the Centro de Convivência Cooperativa Parque Santo Dias, this Project proposes a net of activities designed to form values capable of facing the violence present in the daily lives of youngsters in the outskirts of São Paulo.

Disaggregation is one of the most frequent phenomena of our life. It strikes institutions, communities, families, and individuals. The new generations are being brought up in a world where the nets of trust and social coexistence are weak, and this threatens the vital organization of society itself.

Violence can be understood as a compensation springing from social unevenness and unequal opportunities, both causes of injustice. A healing action will have to use knowledge that fosters integration and the strengthening of interpersonal bonds, besides providing role models, allowing youngsters to build their own identities and life projects.

This project is meant for youngsters from 13 to 25 years old, of both genders, starting by those living in the Capão Redondo district, one of the most violent ones. Children from 7 to 12 years old may be included, since they are at risk of being recruited by elder children for criminal activities.

Name of the Project
Open Door
Institution in charge of the project
Associação Palas Athena
Contact Person
Regina Terlizzi

Rua Leôncio de Carvalho, 99 -
São Paulo / SP - 04003-010

(5511) 3266-6188
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