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Project: West African Youth Training Seminar on Peace-building
An eight-day training seminar aiming to bring 40 young leaders and young representatives of non-governmental organisations (NGOs) from West Africa together to analyse the role of African youth in conflict prevention and resolution; to provide them with skills and training in innovative methods of non-violent conflict resolution and project management; to plan strategies on ways to improve the effectiveness of their work and initiatives to defend the rights of children (in particular of those more directly affected by conflict like child soldiers) and of young women and girls; to stimulate bonds of friendship for trust building, mutual understanding and cross conflict dialogue; to develop common projects at a local, regional and cross-conflict levels; to bring a step forward the training received in the UNOY African Youth for a Culture of Peace training-conference, and to strengthen regionally the African Network of Young Peace-builders, and to launch a new working group on child soldiers within the structure of the network.

The existence of such network will secure the seminar follow up, as it already links, empowers and broadens the work of youth groups active in peace-building.
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West African Youth Training Seminar on Peace-building
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UNOY Foundation & Africa Peace NGO
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Daniel Edah

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Daniel Edah
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