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Project: Health Care Humanization: from Interreligiosity to Transdisciplinarity
In 1985-1986 we started to work with an interreligious group with people from several branches of a Medical School with the aim to have existential and humanitary discussion in this environment that was, step by step, "dehumanized".
After this experience we wrote a book chapter about a phenomenical vision of Medicine. In 1987 some people of the same group started another work with ecological and humanistic issues linked to Medicine. This work continued until now and in 2001 we started a grupo of Interdisciplinarity and Transdisciplinarity inside the same Medical School with people from the two other groups.
After 17 years we can see the evolution of a work linked to the consciousness of some people.
Name of the Project
Health Care Humanization: from Interreligiosity to Transdisciplinarity
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Willis Harman House and CeHFi
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Afonso Carlos Neves

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Afonso Carlos Neves
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