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Project: International Training for Environmental Leadership - ITEL
ITEL is a non-formal environmental education program based on holistic principles of global education, interdependentedness, interconnectedness, democracy and inclusiveness.
Launched in 1993 to promote awareness and deep sensitivity to environmental issues in a global perspective, this program aims to bring potential educators from Brazil to experience environmental education encompassing goals in the areas of knowledge, skills and values, and incorporates spiritual, physical, cognitive and affective dimensions. Contents debated, as well as field trips, focus on alternatives adopted in search of solutions and potential connections between theory and practice of environmental education. Also ITEL looks at concrete case studies that have registered environmental successes adaptable to Brazilian reality. It runs over a total of 160 hours of training , in three different phases and cities, starting in São Paulo, followed by the Toronto and Montreal and returning to São Paulo to close the loop with a seminar about the content and process of learning.
ITEL works through a network of individuals from multiple organizations within the environmental field in both Brazil and mainly from Canada. After nine sessions, 117 people (80 % women) have participated in ITEL and generated spin-off projects in Brazilian communities, municipalities, NGO's and schools, among others.
Name of the Project
International Training for Environmental Leadership - ITEL
Institution in charge of the project
NIEGA – International Center for Environmental Education and Management
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Marli Santos

Rua Irmão Lucas, 166 -
São Paulo / SP - 05418-060

416 9252128 (Toronto); 55 11 30970343 (SP)
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Marli Santos
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