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Project: The Oca Project
ADERE is situated in an area which gathers poor and high social risk people.Our primordial project was the inclusion of these young people, devoid of everything,into the Comprehensive Workshop, to allow them the possibility of learning the role of the worker. Ten (10) of such people, within the age range of 14 to 17 who were regularly enrolled in schools, attended, part time, our workshops and our complementing workshops. In 2000 we increased our capacity for 20 such young people. They benefited of the instructive/educational program, which provided them with individual assistance.We concluded that such project was beneficial both to the community´s youth by having allowed their personal and work capacity development within the exercise of citizenship, to Adere´s apprentices and also for the institutional structure. As an outcome, out of the 10 young people who started the program, 05 are presently employed.We understand that the " OCA" project can be multiplied in other contexts.
Name of the Project
The Oca Project
Institution in charge of the project
ADERE-Assoc Des Educ Rec Excepcional
Contact Person
Soeni Domingos Sandreschi

Rua Contos Gauchescos, 86 -
São Paulo / SP - 04369-000

55-11- 55624523
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Wanda Canto
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