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Project: Global Education In Albania
In 1997 UNICEF and supported by the Ministry of Education have decided to implement Global Education in Albania in cooperation with the IIGE, OISE/University of Toronto. The objectives of this project reflected current and future needs of the Albanian educational system. They helped Albanian educators to conceive and design a curriculum in service of an increasingly global world, and fulfillment of both local and global needs of a planetary citizenship.
Strategies: The general goals of national curricula fit and complement with the general and specific objectives of Global education project which are 1) to increase the qualitative level of teaching and learning process, 2) to guarantee the emotional well being.
During the three phases IIGE faculty in partnership with the Project’s National Core team have worked to reform curriculum teaching and learning at grade 5, 6, 7 and 8. during 1998-2002.
Results during the three phases of "The project of Enthusiasm": students and teachers brought evidence about effectiveness of activities. They felt more active to participate, more easy to learn. Pupils in particular academically weaker were showing evidence of qualitative changes in their classroom experience.
Name of the Project
Global Education In Albania
Institution in charge of the project
UNICEF Albania, International Institute of Global Education/OISE/UT
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Lidra Remacka

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Toronto, Etobicoke, / ON - M9R 1B1

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Lidra Remacka
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