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Project: Parent School(Escola de Pais) - The shortest way between parents and children"
"Escola de Pais do Brasil" is a Civil Society Organization which act in parents´ development.

Help parents to better raise their children.

- Make parents conscious of their responsibility and their role in children´s development,their own development and relationship.
- Bring parents up to date on psychopedagogical practices and principles.
- Promote a better approach family/school focusing on a global human being development.
We act through debate circles, held once a week, within a time limit, where participants exchange experiences, share doubts, worries, difficulties with children´s affairs and possible ways to be found. All the subjects are conducted by a coordinator couple, properly trained to act as a helper.
Our psychopedagogical line is defined by pedagogues, doctors, psychologists and sociologists.
"Escola de Pais do Brasil" is associated with FIEP - Federation Internacional pour les Ecoles de Parents in Sèvres,France. In 39 years it has achieved 140 cities around Brazil and is one of the few institutions which work on prevention. We do believe that prevention is the only way to solve violence, drug addiction and other problems that affect our society.
Name of the Project
Parent School(Escola de Pais) - The shortest way between parents and children"
Institution in charge of the project
Escola de Pais
Contact Person
Ronald Affonso Silva

Rua Bartira, 1094 - Perdizes
São Paulo / SP - 05009-000

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Sonia Maria Wippich Jorge
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Rua Lisboa, 328 - São Paulo/SP - Zip code: 05413-000 - BRAZIL
Phone/Fax: 55 11 3064.4630
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