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Peace And Global Citizenship

Project: Environmental education looking for the peace through the young leaders
The center of environmental education – Carmo Natural Park (CEE-Carmo) of the São Paulo environmental department is located in the periphery of the east area.
CEE acts through courses, workshops, exhibitions, projects, looking for the sensitization and formation of concerned people with the environment.
Around the CEE, so many young people die in a violent way. So, CEE togheter with the local government has decided to undertake measures in order to modify this reality. CEE offers a course destined to young leaders and young educators, "environment and life quality - what can I do? ". This course works with the Global Education, through the four dimensions: issues dimension (peace and environment), temporal (future perspectives), inner (self-esteem) and spatial (local and global levels). We have 50 participants in this course, and more and more people wants to do the course . This course represents a local initiative to search a different reality, in the understanding that it is a complex situation and that it is not only this initiative that will solve the problem, but something important to be considered.
Name of the Project
Environmental education looking for the peace through the young leaders
Institution in charge of the project
São Paulo city hall - Environment Departure - Center of Environmental Education -Carmo Natural Park
Contact Person
Taciana Neto Leme

Av. Afonso Sampaio e Souza, 951 -
São Paulo / São Paulo - 08280-001

5511-6748-7100 or 6748-0010
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Taciana Neto Leme
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