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Project: Ethics and Citizenship: building healthy communities
Colégio Brasília de São Paulo,as an educational institution, it has to create a context where ethic values are developed among students, besides a group of values that must be worked in order to search the citizenship, to aim at the formation of a conscious and critical citizen that is able to reflect and make the difference in the world.
The challenge of education is to create bases for an holistic comprehension. Our school has developed many programs in different areas of knowledgement so the Environmental Education plays an important role in the formation of the conscious citizens who are able to decide and act the socio-environmental reality.
In order to reach its targets, it’s necessary the school work with attitudes and values, as well as to develop an “environmentally- correct behavior”, in this context, comes out the “Fórum de Debates de Educação Ambiental e Qualidade de Vida". This event has the aim to promote debates and propose solutions to the socio-environmental problems among the students.
A sort of topics are focused on students’ discussions and reflections such as: Agenda 21, humanitarian problems, and the discussion about a “preferable” city.
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Ethics and Citizenship: building healthy communities
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Colégio Brasíla de São paulo
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Aparecida Fonseca

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Aparecida Fonseca
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