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Project: Kalaton : a Brazilian Touch for Peace
Kalaton is a relaxation method born in Brazil. It was developed by Sandor Pethö, Hungarian medical doctor that immigrated to Sao Paulo after World War Two. Having worked in the Red Cross Hospitals in European emotionally devastated populations, he used skin touches to release from stiff muscles and fear.The three groups of procedures that constitutes Kalaton are under common use in Brazilian clinics and are part of academic programs at Catholic University, University of Sao Paulo and Faculty of Health Sciences.
The skin touches make it easier for transformation of aggressiveness to happen. The method deals with the person as a totality, although considers occasionally specific syndromes.
Kalaton possibly acts through the subtile body, carrier of the unconscious memories of violence. It promotes the transformation of traumatic injury energy into self nutritional habits. Relieving mental critics, a person learns to draw aside guilty and furthermost, removes completely the embodied aggressor.
Elementary education can benefit from the inclusion of some technics(Penna, 1998),also undergraduate programs (Farah,1995).On therapeutic settings (Sandor,1969;Penna,1979,1985) and community groups (Delmanto,1997) relations become less tense, free from nervous anxiety
Name of the Project
Kalaton : a Brazilian Touch for Peace
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Faculty of Health Sciences of Sao Paulo - FACIS
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Lucy Penna

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Lucy Penna
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