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Project: Philosophy for Children - Education for Thinking
Since 1985, the Brazilian Center of Philosophy for Children has implemented an innovative concept in education: producing philosophical knowledge with children.

Through the program Philosophy for Children – Education for Thinking, by Mattew Lipman, our proposal is to prepare educators that are dedicated to developing their students’ thinking skills through investigative dialog. We involve our students in philosophical reflection.

Main goals:

- Introduce kids and teenagers to philosophy by helping them become citizens who are capable of offering their personal and enriching contribution to the construction of references and meanings that may be used as guidelines for human life.
- Provide a reflective educational environment that leads students to autonomous thinking by encouraging the coherence between thinking and acting and by developing students’ ability to make conscious and consistent choices.
- Provide conditions that allow learners to exercise ethical attitudes and behaviors that guarantee the effective implementation of citizenship values such as cooperation, mutual respect, interest in common goals, discerning evaluation and respect to different opinions.

Name of the Project
Philosophy for Children - Education for Thinking
Institution in charge of the project
Centro Brasileiro de Filosofia para Crianças
Contact Person
Isabel Cristina Santana

Av. 9 de julho, 3166 -
São Paulo / SP - 01406-900

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Isabel Cristina Santana/Dalva Aparecida Garcia
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