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Project: The Real School
At Gepeto Association School proceeds in small-groups classes, organized and formed respecting the 10 ages of human devolopment which are the basic methodologycal instrument of Therapeutic Pedagogy. Actually, in Sao Paulo and Atibaia Gepeto's Schools have 8 classes with 5 students in average per class, with particular needs, different handycaps and problems. Gepeto also have and specialize in social-economical patterns by receiving services and money, to the hold professionals involved.

Teachers and Monitors have a clear vision of the students' development, their necessities, social common education, as well as the specific scholarship oficial program. Knowing the positive potencial for each one. It is rewarding to create instruments and to find sources for providing an effective scholar and human growth in view of forming real citizens.

In the last 9 years off applying the therapeutic pedagogy method, we can affirm and prove that, with at least two years of working in their educational developmente our results reach about 75% of success.
We had pacients that are now married or working in effective/common labor, others that went to public schools and psycotic children out of medication and following the formal school program
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The Real School
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Solange Ramounoulou

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