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Project: WYSE (World Youth Service and Enterprise)
WYSE stands for World Youth Service and Enterprise, which means, "Youth" from around the "World", coming together in the spirit of "Service", to develop their potentials for "Enterprise". WYSE finds and supports young leaders with vision and awareness who are inspired to work towards a peaceful world.

WYSE projects take the form of two-week intensive intercultural leadership programs. Over the past 14 years WYSE has worked with many hundreds of young people aged between 18 and 30 from over 60 countries around the world.

Our work is about encouraging a vision for the future, greater inner and outer awareness, and the inspiration to work towards a peaceful and environmentally sustainable world. As we are all aware, the future of the world with which young people will have to grapple, contains many seemingly intractable problems. Those in positions of leadership in their communities will need different and extended skills.

The WYSE programs not only encourage personal service and enterprise - but through their international nature extend the horizons of all taking part to a world perspective and give participants the opportunity to develop international contacts and a global vision.
Name of the Project
WYSE (World Youth Service and Enterprise)
Institution in charge of the project
WYSE International
Contact Person
Dr Andrew J McDowell

WYSE International, Fox Cottage, Kensington Place -
London / - W8 7PP

44- 207-7275198
United Kingdom
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Mr Guilherme Ferrao; Mr Andre Benaim (Brazilian Representatives for WYSE)
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