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Project: Adolescent Network - Interactions for Life(Rede Adolescente - Inter-Ações pela Vida)
The group TUMM - Everybody United we will Change the world - is developing since 1997 activities focused on the adolescent's formation as multiplier.
In 2000 TUMM joined the Net Adolescent Inter-actions for the life to articulate and to promote actions between the municipality and organizations of the civil society.
The articulation between the education and the health happened in 2001, when the Project "Pilot Experience of the Brazilian adolescents' Movement (MAB) in the prevention of the DST/AIDS in the São Paulo State" began, because the actions left the schools and they were also exercised in the positions of Health and NAI (Nucleus of integrated attendance).
In 2002 TUMM settled down partnership with the programs of the health of the family and community agent's of the health program, that it provided growth for educables and educators, giving them conditions to go of encounter to that magic age group.
The result of these encounters has been the formation of new groups of adolescent multipliers in several points of the city and the community agents' invigoration in the attendance of this clientele close to the families.
Name of the Project
Adolescent Network - Interactions for Life(Rede Adolescente - Inter-Ações pela Vida)
Institution in charge of the project
Group TUMM
Contact Person
Maria Antonieta Ribeiro Sanches Pinto

R Alferes Pedrosa, 568 -
Mococa / São Paulo - 13730-000

0xx (19) 656 4501
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Ieda Marilia Dias
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