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Project: Adolescent Network - Interactions for Life(Rede Adolescente - Inter-Ações pela Vida)
The Adolescent Network - Interactions for Life , a social commitment network, was created in 1998 by the Regional Health Division of the town of São João da Boa Vista and encompasses 23 town councils in the southeast region of the State of São Paulo. The town of Mogi Mirim participates in this network and contributes with its “Champion Project” offering alternative activities for adolescents in sports, leisure, culture, professional initiation and citizenship. The public sector and volunteers from civil society carry out these activities based on a Global Education approach.

Objectives: To improve the quality of life the adolescent population estimated to 148.000 in the nearby region and 12.000 in the Mogi Mirim urban area, in the creation of a better and more humane world.

Target population: Adolescents for 12 to 19 years of age.

Methodology: Activities involving concepts of Global and Environmental Education.

Results: Global and Environmental Education helps adolescents develop self-esteem and be pro-active for a sustainable community of which they are part.
Name of the Project
Adolescent Network - Interactions for Life(Rede Adolescente - Inter-Ações pela Vida)
Institution in charge of the project
Municipality of Mogi Mirim
Contact Person
Maria Aparecida Rossi Freitas

Rua Dr. José Alves, 129 -
Mogi Mirim / SP - 13.800-970

55 19 38624755
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Maria Aparecida Rossi Freitas
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