Building A Planetary Culture
Peace And Global Citizenship

Project: Knapsack of Peace: Playing and building citizenship
To " learn by playing ". This is the revolutionary way to transform hard homework in fun and pleasant activities that can increase the satisfaction of teaching and learning, building a culture of peace and non-violence at school.

Happiness, pleasure and innovation: starting from these indicators the project Knapsack of Peace Games, tries to build a culture of peace and citizenship in the net of public schools. That is, no doubt, a daring and exciting way to enable children and teenagers to exercise their creativity, increase their self-esteem and create more critical, conscious and creative people.
The Knapsack contributes to change traditional methods of teaching, offering new educational technologies to the educators and schools involved. The Knapsack proposal is to become an effective instrument of citizenship and peace construction at schools. The Project offers workshops and use of games, that qualify the public schools teachers. Betting in children and teenagers' potentiality and creativity let them build their own "spelling books of citizenship". This is what makes the Project, that offers a varied collection of games, toys, dynamics and communication strategies.
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Knapsack of Peace: Playing and building citizenship
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Popular Center of Culture and Development
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Tião Rocha
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