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Project: Community Agents of Education : Peace Shooters - Citizenship Soldiers
Change Shots of War recruits of all Brazilian States into Community Agents of Education is the target of this project. There are now in Brazil 235 Shots of War offices involving the annual participation of more than 27 thousand recruits of about 19 years old. We implanted the 1st Community Center of Education Agents in Minas Gerais in 1998 in Curvelo Shot of War. Our main purpose was to give recruits new social functions, offering them new options of personal, cultural and community formation, qualifying them to act in their community, transforming them in future leaderships and references. Among the priority actions of this project there is the mobilization of all social and community segments, committing them to the entrance, return, permanence and all children and teenagers' success at school. The Agents in formation continue the actions of already created teams. And them, successively, like a permanent formation process of a social capital and the construction of community's learning.
Name of the Project
Community Agents of Education : Peace Shooters - Citizenship Soldiers
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Popular Center of Culture and Development
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Rua Visconde de Cairú, 283-A -
Curvelo / MG - 35790-000

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Tião Rocha
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