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Project: Comprehensive Cultural Workshop Theater
Socio-cultural-sports activities and the Theater involving communication, the choice and the research of texts, the making-of the scenery and the costumes and, most of all, the expression of feelings.
In every society, despite their differences, there is a conducting line which permeates them: the activities of playing and of acting.
By playing and acting human beings develop and start their inclusion process in society.
It has been imbued of such a purpose that Adere, in 2002, developed and has been presenting in different contexts the play "Stories that do not Age"[ Histórias que não envelhecem], jointly with the students of Colégio Santa Maria.
The integration, the synergy of these young people towards Adere´s apprentices, has been applauded by the public, both due to the importance that underlies this action and because of the emotions it raises in each and every spectator .
Name of the Project
Comprehensive Cultural Workshop Theater
Institution in charge of the project
Adere- Associação p desen Educ Rec Excepcional
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Soeni Domingos Sandreschi

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São Paulo / SP - 04369-000

55 011 5562-4523
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Wanda Canto
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