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Project: SAESP –Building a Non-Violence and Peace Culture
SAESP–Special Care Service has been active since 1997,serving young mentally-impaired adults who have been historically excluded from society.This service is sponsored by UNICSUL and it involves students from different areas of knowledge,parents and students with special needs from low income regions of São Paulo. Its proposal is to INSTILL VALUES,helping people to find out their individual skills,improving personal relationships and social integration. Teachers from the regular educational network who have students with special educational needs in common classrooms are also invited,participating in debates,discussions and upskilling courses. The outcome of this work is that the assisted persons(ALL OF THEM)become more independent,self-assured,able to become active members of the society–as concluded by a survey carried out in April 2002.SAESP seeks inspiration in holistic educational paradigms supported by different dimensions:corporal,intellectual,emotional,social,psychic and spiritual,enhancing the self-knowledge and awareness of educators(parents and teachers)and of the assisted persons,improving their self-esteem. SAESP will implement a Center for Building Educators for a Non-Violence and Peace Culture.
Name of the Project
SAESP –Building a Non-Violence and Peace Culture
Institution in charge of the project
Universidade Cruzeiro do Sul
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Magda Marly Fernandes

Rua Santo Egidio, 212 - Chora Menino
São Paulo / SP -

55-11-69771624/69573700 ext 328
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Magda Marly Fernandes
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