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Project: Program Living Values in Education
Living Values: An Educational Program (LVEP) is a values education program. It offers a variety of experimential activities and practical methodologies for teachers and facilitators to help childrem and young adults explore and develop twelve key personal and social values: Peace, Respect, Love, Responsability, Happiness, Cooperation, Honesty, Humility, Tolerance, Simplicity and Unity. LVEP also contains special segments for use with parents and caregivers, as well as for refugees and children affected by war. As of March 2000, LVEP was already in use at over 1800 sites in 64 countries. Reports from educators indicate that students are responsive to the values activities and become interested in discussing and applying values. Teachers note that students appear more confident, are more respectful to others and exhibit an increase in positive and cooperative personal and social skills.

The Aims of LVEP:
* To help individuals think about and reflect on different values and the practical implications of expressing them in relation to themselves, others, the community and the world at large.
* To deepen understanding, motivation and responsability with regard to making positive personal and social choices.
* To inspire individuals to choose their own personal, social, moral and spiritual values and be aware of practical methods for developing and deepening them.
* To encourage educators and caregivers to look at education as providing students with a philosophy of living, thereby facilitating their overall growth, development and choices so they may integrate themselves into the community with respect, confidence and purpose.
Name of the Project
Program Living Values in Education
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Brahma Kumaris Organization
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Luciana Ferraz

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Aloisio Monteiro
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