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Project: Partnerships
The common bond of the dozens of projects conducted in the Jewish-Arab Center for Peace at Givat Haviva is the struggle for better relations between Arabs and Jews, better understanding of the essence of democracy and citizens' rights in Israel, and building bridges with our Arab neighbors. The center works in a variety of ways to promote true equality amongst all the citizens of the state. This is accomplished through constant critical examination of the existing reality, and striving for renewal and change. The center functions withing the spirit of humanism and in the belief that all human beings are equal in both dignity and worth. It strives to lead the way to the realization of democracy and civil equality between the Jewish and Palestinian citizens of Israel; to create social and cultural pluralism in the country; and to achieve reconciliation and peace amongst the nations in the region. The center itiates encounters, dialogue, partnership, study and research programs to advance its aims.
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Jewish Arab Center for Peace at Givat Haviva
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Giora Avraham

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Giora Avraham
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