Building A Planetary Culture
Peace And Global Citizenship

Project: A Thousand Milennia of Peace(Mil Milenios de Paz)
MAIN OBJECTIVETo make Children and Youth’s voices be heard by the community of science, politics, education and culture, both at a Local and an International level

Activities will be held between September 15th and 17th september 2004 in Buenos Aires, Argentina in facilities provided by the National Senate with the final voting ceremony of the Youth ‘Manifesto for that Education and Young and the new Milennium’ in the Historical Senators’ Sessions Area. Enclosed you will find the complete schedule of activities.
Youth activities and cultural events that will follow sessions, are held in the framework of UNESCO’s International Decade for the Culture of Peace and Non Violence for the Children of the World and have been designed considering the Universal Human Rights to express, to live in wholeness and peace, right to dream an to project and plan for the
All actions are directed to multiple sectors of society and seek to promote, to defend and consolidate not only those fundamental human rights and freedoms expressed in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights but also those Human Values that makes life fond of being lived that were expressed by Youth in the ‘MANIFESTO FOR PEACE’ and voted by them in the First MERCOSUR Conference for the Culture of Peace, held in Buenos Aires in the year 2000: JOY, JUSTICE, KINDNESS, GENEROSITY, TOLERANCE, CO-OPERATION, HONESTY, RESPECT, UNDERSTANDING, LOVE, FREEDOM and CARING.
This project is based on the premise that reflection about our destiny and humankind’s destiny, starting from our inner and interpersonal knowledge, recognizing each other, valuing each other and learning from each other is a field which allow us to build, create and re-create new forms of communication and co-operation as fundamental base for a more just and dignified social cohabitation in peace.
Based on the previous statement, arise the need to deepen the debate on the outcomes and consequences of our social behavior.
It is important to mention that this project will be a substantial contribution because it will create opportunities for all, it is based on inclusiveness and integration of all participants and visions from different fields of action and different areas of the world. The projected activities will help to increase creativity both individually and as a group and enhance the own culture while at the same time reinforce the respect for other cultures. The project seeks to improve the quality of life and the quality of human relations towards ourselves, others and the environment, resulting in the highest good for all. Additionally, it will promote the development of knowledge, reflection and practical habits that facilitate integration and participation in the society growth with committed and solidary actions.
Considering all the exposed motivations and the positive impact that will result from them, we are requesting your Sponsorship and your co-operation in the promotion of the youth activities proposed by “MIL MILENIOS DE PAZ” (One Thousand Millennia of Peace) during the 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE FOR A CULTURE OF PEACE 2002, which includes the POSTCARDS EXHIBITION "FOR ALL" (Fifth Edition) and the mentioned Youth Leaders Activities: TRAINING SESSIONS FOR FUTURE LEADERS (Second Edition), LEGISLATIVE AND PARLIAMENTARY YOUTH ASSEMBLY (Third Edition) and YOUTH MANIFESTO "THE FUTURE OF THE WORLD" (Third Edition).
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A Thousand Milennia of Peace(Mil Milenios de Paz)
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Mil Milenios de Paz
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Ines. Palomeque

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Ines Palomeque
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