Building A Planetary Culture
Peace And Global Citizenship

Project: Towards Spirituality: Global Education for Social Educators
NIEGA, a NGO based in São Paulo, Brazil designed this non-formal educational project for adults and launched it in June 2002. It is focused on the specific needs of social educators who work for Adolescent Network in Mogi Mirim, São Paulo State, Brazil with the aim to infuse and integrate Global Education’s approach as new paradigm for a transformative education process using eco-spirituality as a catalyst. The project is grounded on Global Education principles such as interconnectedness, holism, participation, democracy, equity and inclusiveness. The goal is to train approximately 20 facilitators during 6 months within 120 hours of workshops, seminars and group discussions and to achieve a multiplier effect among the different actors who play an important role in that Network, such as animators, volunteers, adolescents and the city council. The expectation in this project is to empower facilitators to empower adolescents (snowball effect) to assume a planetary and ecological perspective (peace, citizenship, and sustainable development, among others).
Some positive impacts in terms of developing new skills, knowledge and values among participants can be identified such as: consensus building, democratic behavior, tolerance, teamwork, spirituality, interactivity, self-esteem building and inclusiveness.
Name of the Project
Towards Spirituality: Global Education for Social Educators
Institution in charge of the project
NIEGA - Núcleo Internacional de Educação e Gestão Ambiental
Contact Person
Marli Santos

Rua Irmão Lucas, 166 -
São Paulo / SP - 05418-060

55 11 3097-0343
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Marli Santos, Maria Aparecida Freitas
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