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Project: Water Wheel (Roda d Água)
The Roda d’água Project may be defined as “a teaching and learning system” in Environmental Education.

It arose from the observation of inappropriate use of water resources in our country.

Being water the central axis of life, from both the biological and the ecological standpoints, then educational tools and teaching on how to use it properly will lead to wide benefits concerning sustainable development.

The Project aims to reach children and teenagers through their teachers, because we believe that citizenship is constructed since early stages of learning, mainly in school, and must embody values such as respect for any and all forms of life as well as for natural, architectural, archeological and cultural inheritance which we have to pass on to future generations.

The Roda d’água Project is currently being implemented in Sorocaba, a city with 510,000 inhabitants, in the countryside of São Paulo state. Around 15,000 students of public schools, ages 7 to 14, are working with their teachers (who attended qualifying/training sessions) under Basic Education levels in order to assemble, develop and spread this “environmental knowledge” and awareness throughout their communities.
Name of the Project
Water Wheel (Roda d Água)
Institution in charge of the project
OAK Educação e Meio Ambiente Ltda.
Contact Person
Amadeu J. Neves SILVA

Avenida São Gabriel, 18 -
São Paulo / SP - 01435-000

+55 11 3884-7444/3884-7772
Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Amadeu J. Neves SILVA
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