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Project: OCA - Cultural School
OCA – Associação da Aldeia de Carapicuíba was created by a group of professionals seeking a Brazilian approach to educating children and youth through understanding how to “Be a Citizen”, not as just talk, but as an expression of the Brazilian soul.
This group has been developing activities with the children of Aldeia de Carapicuíba since 1996, through artistic, musical and literary elements of Brazilian culture.
With the objective of creating a path for children and youth to come to believe in themselves as individuals, through the expression of their cultural identity, creating an opportunity to actively and creatively exercise citizenship in their own community.
The project is to build a CULTURAL SCHOOL, in an area already provided by the mayor of Carapicuíba, within the Cultural Park of the Aldeia (Village),who has four program areas:
I. Children Workshops
II. Brazilian Cultural Reference Center
III. Training Center for “Merry Fellow” Educators
IV. Childhood Cultural Center
More than 300 children have participated in the children’s workshops. Today we work with 30 children who make up the Group OCA of Dance, which makes presentations in schools, cultural institutions and events.
Name of the Project
OCA - Cultural School
Institution in charge of the project
OCA – Associação da Aldeia de Carapicuíba
Contact Person
Maria Cristina M. T. Cruz

Rua Damasco, 277 - Jd. Semiramis
Cotia / SP - 06700-000

Name of the presenter(s) of this project
Maria Amelia Pereira
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Rua Lisboa, 328 - São Paulo/SP - Zip code: 05413-000 - BRAZIL
Phone/Fax: 55 11 3064.4630
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